Tikis by Russ

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My Tikis

Get your one-of-a-kind hand carved Tiki by Russ.


I have many different styles, shapes and sizes that I have carved. Most of my Tikis are carved from Florida Sabal Palm and range in a variety of finishes.


Most of my carving is done on request, so you won't see much for sale on this site. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a Tiki I would be happy to discuss exactly what you are looking for, as well as pricing of what you want. Pricing is based on size, level of detail and finishing techniques.


Here is the latest Tiki carving that has been created.


Seated Warrior

This is also an example of a 4.5 foot high level detail Tiki Carving with a high level of finishing (burning, painting, 2 coats shellac, 2 coats spar urethane and a whole lot of sanding)